Ag Jeans

Everybody wears clothes and a popular choice of clothing is the ever famous blue jeans. Jeans are made in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colours. They are also produced by a number of different brands. One brand is AG Jeans, named after the man who created them.

The designer is Adriano Goldschmied and he founded his company in 2000. Goldschmied entered into a partnership with Yul Ku of Koos Manufacturing as the company grew. This partnership created a brand new type of jeans. These were appropriately named AG jeans.

Yul Ku became owner of AG Jeans when the two founders decided to part company. Before this AG Jeans were sold in a small successful boutique. Since this time the company has steadily produced an increasing number of jeans leading it to grow considerably in size.

Once Ku became the official owner of the company new developments began. The company developed significantly in terms of production and staff enjoyed the challenge of expanding the line of jeans and other products.

AG Jeans was based on a ‘think tank’ environment. This encouraged the staff to get their creative juices running. The staff designing the jeans and other products worked in tandem with marketing people. The work they did was highly successful and this is the reason why this brand became so well known.

Currently AG Jeans are sold in a number of stores in different countries. These stores are located in Canada, Western Europe and Asia. There are about 9 or so different collections. The collections include Stilt Jeans, Angel Jeans, Kiss jeans, corded jeans, Casablanca Jeans, Elite Jeans, cropped jeans, club jeans and other assorted styles.

AG Jeans have also expanded their company to produce other items of clothing. This includes jackets, vests, t-shirts and denim dresses. When you look at the styles of the clothing this brand produces you will see why so many people love to buy and wear their clothes.

The AG Jeans brand is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products. AG Jeans is a great example of an American company that takes pride in its desire to promote the dream of good living for everyone.